Rebuild Equipment & Reduce Costs

It’s becoming more evident that upcycling equipment has become the global standard. Social & Environmental Responsibility also translates to the equipment & machinery we use. Don’t discard, rebuild back better! 

Lower Costs

In many cases, the cost of investment in rebuilding is far lower than that of purchasing new equipment. Save up to 65%

Increase Performance

At LAING we have the ability to rebuild your machine & retrofit it with the latest technological advances.

Complete Rebuild

Rebuilding all mechanical components including replacement of all bearings and seals

Quicker Return

A Rebuild can be far quicker than purchasing a new machine.

Qualified Engineers

Laing has some of the best talent on the market, ensuring that your equipment receives the treatment it deserves.

Maximize Production Requirements

Keep operating at Maximum Efficiency with Laing's thorough process, ensuring that every bolt and screw is up to standard.