Extend the Life of your Equipment!

At LAING, we help your bottom-line by extending the life of your equipment. If you have machines that are not performing as it used to and need a tune-up, then LAING can provide you with all the assistance you require. 

Breathe Life Back into your Equipment and Increase Profit Margins by reducing the need to rebuy new equipment. 

Save Money!

In most cases, you can extend the life of your products by years, giving you more use out of the same machines.


All of our engineers are certified and compliant with international standards ensuring that you get top notch quality!

Predict Failure

Our Machine Algorithms can help predict failure of machinery, meaning we can schedule maintenance before it become a problem.

On Site Maintenance

We also have the ability to travel to your factory or warehouse and work on the machines on site.

Rigorous Testing

We ensure that when we work on your machines, they will be in top top shape when you get them back.