Turn Key Automation Services!

LAING has the ability to scale to any size and provide full Turn Key Automation Solution. Our robust network of verified partners allows us to adapt to your needs. 

Higher Speed

CNC machines collate multiple manufacturing steps into a single computer, which actuates its execution in a logical progression. As such, the use of CNC devices implicitly reduces the processing time.

Greater Precision

CNC machines integrate with computerized technologies, such as CAD/CAM, to maintain accuracy after every iteration. As a result, they ensure high-degree precision in the manufacturing process.

Improved Capacity

Automated CNC machines can cater to high-volume manufacturing lines without compromising on quality and accuracy. They can continuously, identically, and repeatedly produce the same item over and over again with zero user error.

Design Consistency

CNC machines can produce the same item by following an identical set of steps repeatedly. At the same time, they can deliver accuracy that is within 1/1000th.

Reduced Waste Generation

Given the fact that CNC machines consistently produce highly accurate parts, they cut down on waste generation. The efficient use of resources and precision cuts limit the waste generated per piece, reducing the overall cost of production.

Granular Control

CNC automation offers high speed and high precision cutting, milling, and drilling operations that no human being can achieve. These devices also bring about an element of versatility as one can program them to perform a gamut of operations without changing the equipment. As a result, they can streamline the manufacturing process while offering unlimited scalability.